Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

One of the movies that I really wanted to see in 2017 was Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2. After all the first movie was very entertaining. I was expecting a funny and vibrant movie and that is exactly what I got. If you’re curious about my other opinions about the movie then do continue reading. However I will quickly mention that there may be some spoilers in here.


Great Opening
The opening of this movie was amazing. You immediately get thrown into this space, fighting scene with all the guardians of the galaxy. It is actioned packed and the way it was done was so much fun. I loved how the makers of this movie timed this scene to the music that was started by little Groot. I also really liked that you follow Groot through this scene. He is just dancing around the platform, not even caring that his friends are in the middle of a fight. It was just adorable and it set a great tone for the rest of the movie.

Little Groot
Little Groot was just too adorable. Whether he was dancing or trying to make sense of what Rocket was telling him it was all just too cute. Groot is still my favourite character. However teenage Groot wasn’t that nice (which you’ll see if you stuck around for the scenes during the end credits).

I love movies in space because they always look so amazing and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 definitely looked great. It was very vibrant, as I was expecting. I loved the visuals during the openingscene and the funeral of Yondu, although very sad, looked beautiful as well.

Yondu’s story
At first Yondu came across as this really odd character. However, in this movie he gets a nice back story and by the time you reach the end of the movie you’ll be sad to see him go.

Gamora and Peter Quill (Starlord)
During the entire movie Peter keeps saying that there is something ‘unspoken’ between him and Gamora. Although Gamora at first ignores it, by the end of the movie she confesses that she feels the same way. They are really cute together.


Main story
The main story revolves around Peter’s father who is a cosmic entity, who transformed himself into a planet and then created his own human form in order to produce offspring to help him take over the universe. He is a very unlikeable character with an extremely odd background. Honestly I found this story a bit ridiculous and although Guardians of the Galaxy can get away with these kinds of stories, I wish it would have been something better.

Forced humor
Although Guardians of the Galaxy is very funny to watch, some of the humor felt a bit forced for me. For example when Drax and Mantis would burst out in an awkward laughing fit. However this did not bother me too much during the movie.

All in all the movie was very entertaining and looked amazing. As usual the characters were very charismatic and loveable. I only wished the story was a bit different.

Rating: 3,5/5


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