Mickey and Minnie Mouse

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – That it was all started by a Mouse” – Walt Disney

Although I’ve had these exclusive Funko Pops for a little while now, I felt that it was appropriate to wait with unboxing untill Valentine’s Day. After all, they are an iconic couple; Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

This Funko pop 2-pack contains both Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their well known red and white outfits. Micky is holding a Valentine’s chocolate box, while Minnie looks at him lovingly. They simply look adorable and would make a great gift for your loved one, if they are a big Disney fan like I am. Let’s take a closer look.

These two Funko Pops are displayed in beautiful red packaging, with red hearts in the background. I only wish that Funko Pop would release more of these 2-packs with Disney couples. That would be amazing. The next ones, for example, could be Donald and Daisy Duck.

Even the back of this packaging looks lovely. There is once again a heart pattern and an image of the two Funko Pops Mickey and Minnie Mouse. However, now it’s time to take these Funko Pops out of their packaging, so that I can get a closer look.

Mickey and Minnie look amazing. The colours are very bright, which I love, and the details are great as well. For example I love that it says ‘Mickey + Minnie’ on the Valentine’s chocolats. I also love that their stances are dynamic. Mickey seems to be walking towards Minnie and Minnie’s dress seems to be moving. These are great Funko Pops for all those Disney Funko Pops collectors out there.

All in all I’m really happy with these new additions to my Funko Pops collection. They are cute, unique, great quality and perfect for Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s day ❤


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