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Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing New Leaf House Tour

If you’ve watched the latest Nintendo Direct then you perhaps already know that Animal Corssing New Leaf will be getting an update. Amiibo support will be added, which is great! This inspired me to start playing Animal Crossing New Leaf again. However, my town and home do need some cleaning. They’re a mess. So after… Lees verder Gaming Diary: Animal Crossing New Leaf House Tour

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Gaming Diary: Pokemon Rumble #1

A new Gaming Diary! This time it is not Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer or Fantasy Life diary, no it is time for a PokΓ©mon game. PokΓ©mon Rumble World is free game for the Nintendo 3DS. You can download it from the eShop. Just like in any PokΓ©mon game you need to catch ‘em all.… Lees verder Gaming Diary: Pokemon Rumble #1