Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pops

If you didn’t know already I love collecting Funko Pops. I used to buy one every once in a while. However, now that I found a Funko Pop store near-ish to my home, I get them more frequently. The most recent additions to my collection are these 3 new Power Rangers. So the three rangers that… Lees verder Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Funko Pops


The Legend of Zelda Amiibo

A little while ago The Legend of Zelda franchise celebrated its 30th anniversary. This ofcourse had to be celebrated with a new set of Amiibo. 4 new Amiibo were released: Zelda, a new toon Link, Link from Ocarina of Time and ofcourse the old-school, 8-bit version of Link. Considering that my boyfriend really loves the… Lees verder The Legend of Zelda Amiibo